Sunday, 1 November 2015

Librarian (Distinction Badge)

Distinction Badge Can-do


On a rainy Thursday I did my librarian duties. When I had come back from choir I went to the library to do my job. Waiting on the trolley were some book's for me to put away. So I took most of them and went around the library, putting all the books back on the correct bookshelves. Sharna was already at the library when I got there, because she managed to get her choir shirt quicker than I did. She had already put some of the books back on the shelves. 
When I had put all of my books away, I said to Sharna, where was Monique? So Sharna decided to go and look for her. When Sharna came back with Monique, Sharna showed Monique that we had left her some books for her to put on the shelf. 
When the bell rang, my group went around to tell the children in the library that it was closed. When they had all left, we were all able to go back to class. 

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