Friday, 27 November 2015

Kapa Haka (Distinction Badge)

Distinction Badge Can-do

Kapa Haka

Today after Te Reo I had Kapa Haka in the morning till 11:30. We are practicing hard for the gala and we are putting a lot of effort into it. We are also going to be singing at the opening of the new Halswell Community building. I can't wait for it to open, because I really miss going to the library and it will also be fun to go back to the pool in the summer time. 

I think at the gala we will be singing on the outside stage or on the big trailer. Maybe the boys will be on the trailer and the girls will be in front. I have performed in the kapa haka group at least two times, but this will be my brothers first time. He will be performing the haka, which is going to be pretty interesting watching the new ones perform. I actually won't be able to turn round and watch him, so I hope my mum or dad video him doing the haka. Hopefully they will video me too so that I can watch it later.

My brother has already performed the haka to the senior citizens and it was his first time to wear the black shorts and the red top. He was really proud to wear it and I was very proud of him too.

We might only have one more practice before the gala performance, but maybe two if we practice on Wednesday to get really perfect.

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