Monday, 12 September 2016

Koru Games (Distinction badge)

Distinction badge Must-do

Koru Games 

For the next three days the year 7/8s get to go to different places to play against different teams for fun. I am in Netball and the netball A team get to go down to Lincoln netball courts.

13th September 2016 

First day of netball was great we had beaten everybody on the first day. The team that we versed was Rolleston One they were good but we had beaten them 18-9 to us. Next team that were versed was Burnham they were good to, but not good enough for us we had beaten them 32-0 to us. The last game of the day we versed was St Martins 33-1 to us.

14th September 2016 

This was the second day of Koru Games playing netball. The first team that we played was against Westland HS  Two and we had beaten them. The score was 32- 3 to us. Our second game was playing against Ellsemere Coll Two and the score was 17- 4 to us again.  Our third game against was Belfast which I didn't like playing against and we did lose against them and the score was 15-12 we had lost by 3 points. The last and finally game that we played was against Rawhiti beach and we had won against then 26-1 to us.

15th September 2016 

Today we started at 10am playing against Ashburton Int and we had lost to them by 2 point the score was 13-11 to them. Our second game was against Breens and we bet them by 10 points and the score was 18-8 to us. The last game that we played today was against Balmacewen 26-6 to us it was a good day to play netball, but we did our best.

The team that came 1st was Hillview then Ashburton Int and then it was Ellsemere. We had come in 6th and that was better then last year and it was my first time doing Netball in Koru Games and I had a really nice three days of Koru Games.

The learner quality that I showed was always never giving up.

The leadership that I showed was doing my best to play.

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