Saturday, 3 September 2016

Technology (Distinction badge)

Distinction badge Must-do


On Tuesday I had Technology. What we did at Technology was we had to get into a pair and they had to be in a group from one person in design and one person in Textiles, so Sam L and I went together and we had to grab a Ipad to video and on the Ipad was something that had to do with the activate and we got Imagine. 

What we did was get a plan and write what we were going to be writing on our plan and then we did the video. It did not take us that long to do the video and I think we were the first ones finished so when we showed the video to Mrs Scott she said that is the best video that she has seen so far, I was really happy that she said that and so after that Sam and I help, Sammy W and Monique. After we helped, Sam W showed the teacher and then we went onto taking photos in the photo both and that was really fun.

The learner quality's that I showed was listening to the teacher on what to do.

The leadership that I showed was turning up on time after morning tea.

This is a photo of Lincoln Primary school were we go every Tuesday.
Image result for lincoln primary school

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