Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Student Council (Distinction badge)

Distinction badge Can-do 

Student Council

On Wednesday  I had Student Council. When I got to Student Council the first thing that Hannah and Jack do is take the roll to see who is here or not here like if a class is not here then someone would go and get then. 
Another thing that we do is if someone is speaking they have to have this Red Phone box toy in there hand so then can speak and give ideas and if someone else speaks they could get a strike.

After Student Council,  it said on the board that we were supposed to have talked to the class about what we had talked in Student Council, but we didn't and I wanted to know, maybe, because we didn't have enough time to do it, so we didn't.

The learner quality that I showed was always coming to Student Council. 

The leadership that I showed was always contributing to group discussion. 

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