Monday, 12 September 2016

Student Council (Distinction badge)

Distinction badge Can-do 


On Wednesday day I didn't have Student Council. The year 7/8 didn't have Student Council, because of Koru Games. One of the things that I need to remember next week is to come on time I am usually a  bit late, but that before Mrs Trotter get there. The time that we have to be at Student Council, is when we're usually doing maths at that point of time in class and the other Student Councilors have to remind me to be there on time and if the others are not there I have to remind them too! 

Another thing I should do at Student Council is contribute to group discussion, because I sometimes don't do that. Always after a Student Council meeting we have to tell the teacher's ao we can talk to the class about what we talked in Student Council. About talking to the class I am usually picking people to say Ideas or write the ideas down , I hate speaking in front of people so I do that job.

The leaner quality I show was to always doing the right thing.

The leadership that I showed was contributing to group discussion.

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