Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Technology (Distinction badge)

Distinction badge Must-do


On Tuesday I had Technology.  When I got to Lincoln I went to my class which was Design /Textiles. Once I got to Design /Textiles I put my bag away in a cubbyhole and got a pen out. Monique and I got into the class and I went to save a seat for us 4 and Monique did the roll for me. Once everybody was in class we started off by listening to the teacher on what to do, after that we started.

The thing that we did first was make our design. In my other blog post I told you that we were making a house, but separate and I'm making a Kitchen and the first thing  I had to do was cut out the cardboard and then sellotape it up so it could look like a kitchen but you can see in side it (It has four sides 1. for the bottom and the other 3. for the sides). Once I finished that I help Sam W and then went onto designing our part of the house.
I have not finished my design and I was really sad, because we won't be back in 3 weeks because of our holiday and I can't wait to get back to designing my Kitchen.
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After Morning tea we had Mandarin. Doing Mandarin is hard, but I do enjoy doing it. 
Here is Numbers 1-10 in Chinese. This is what we are learning. 
The leaner quality that I showed was turning up on time to Mandarin.

The leadership that I showed was listening to the teachers.

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