Thursday, 8 September 2016

Technology (Distinction badge)

Distinction badge Must-do


On Tuesdays we had Technology. When I got to Lincoln I got off the bus and went straight to Design/Textiles. When I got there I went and put my bag down in one of the cubbyholes and got myself a pen. After that I went inside to do the roll. Once I had got everything we started. The thing that we did first was watch our video's back, but the speakers weren't working, because the speakers weren't plugged in, but then we finally got them to work and then we watch the video again with sound. Monique and Sam W video was first and then Sam L and I's video was next and I didn't want to watch and listen to my voice.

After we watched the video we went onto something different. What we did was get a green piece of paper which had thing's on that had stuff about the Environment to do. 

I had finished doing the activity and then we had to design what we were going to do. What we are doing is making a house Sam L, Sam W, Monique and I are making a house together, but we're only aloud to have a pair, so we are just going to make part of the house. I'm making the Kitchen, Sam L and Monique are making bedrooms and Sam W is making the lounge. 

The learner quality that I showed was giving group discussion.

The leadership that I showed was listening to the teacher on what to do.

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