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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Writing Blog post Information report on the Water Cycle

Writing Blog post Information report on the Water Cycle 

The Water Cycle is a process where the water cycle goes through the ocean, land and atmosphere.  The Water is recycled throughout the process.  The steps of the Water cycle are Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation and Groundwater/Runoff.  The water changes state throughout the process; it can also change into a Liquid, Gas or Solid.

One step in the water cycle is evaporation. Evaporation is when the sun heats up the anything that has water for example lakes, rivers and oceans which turns into a gas which we call vapor. When the water goes through the cycle the water is very invisible when changing into gas. On hot days the process of evaporation is greater then on hot days. Vapor is in the air, which is called humidity,  In some hot places it is really hot, there is a high amount of humidity, eg New Orleans, Louisiana get the high of 75.9% humidity.  In the morning some hot places get really high amount of humidity for example Houston, Texas which get up to 89.7% at 6am.  After the water turns into Gas, it lifts up into the atmosphere, then it forms into a cloud which is called Condensation.

Another step in the water cycle is Condensation.  Condensation happens when the temperature changes, for example warmer air can contain more water vapor than colder temperatures.  

One more fact about the water cycle is Precipitation.  When rain falls from clouds in the sky in the form of water droplets, this is why it is called Precipitation.  Another point is that water can also fall from the sky in different types of forms like hail, snow, sleet or Rain.  Rain is an important type part of the water cycle.  After the water hits the ground and it goes into the process of runoff.
Runoff/ Ground-water

The last stage of the water cycle is Runoff/Groundwater.  Runoff comes from mountains which flows down into the ground which is called groundwater.  If you pour a glass of water onto the ground it usually sinks right into infiltration, so you can imagine how much water sinks into the ground during a storm.

Overall, if we didn’t have the water cycle, we wouldn't be able to go swimming, play in water, or drink water. Since we're talking about drinking, if we didn’t have the stages of the water cycle we could not drink clean water. The water stages are Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation and Runoff/Groundwater.

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